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Easter Mini Sessions

                               . . . rejoice and be thankful!


The North Lambton Childcare Centre is hosting a fundraiser, Mom 2 Mom Sale, on Saturday, March 21st. There will be a variety of local Mom's selling gently used children and maternity clothing, as well as toys! In addition there will be Scentsy and Chalk Couture sales representatives at the sale!

When the organizer of the event, Shelby, asked if I would offer portrait sessions, I was excited to join in! These mini sessions are unique from anything I've done in the past, in that you can "drop in" for your portrait whenever you like. Families will be served on a first come, first served basis. And the best part? While you wait, you can shop for your little ones!

HOW IT WORKS ... When you first arrive to my area, there will be a short registration form to fill out. Once this is done, it's picture time! To help these minis go smoothly, please have your children ready when you come over (see tips below). I will try my best to get that perfect smile from your little one, however sometimes they just don't feel like it, lol!! And to be honest, sometimes the images with the kids not perfectly posed and smiling, end up being the ones you cherish most. ❤ I designed the set to have a timeless, and fresh spring feel! I will have additional Easter items, bunnies, carrots, etc. that you can choose to include in your portraits.


PRICING … The minis are $25 and include two digital portraits. Perhaps in addition to a sibling portrait, you would also like an individual portrait of each child? If so, you are welcome to purchase additional portraits for $5 each.


PREPARATIONS... please have your children ready when you come over. Hair in place, outfit ready, food and boogers cleaned up etc... the event will go pretty smooth when we all work together. 🙂

DELIVERY TIME ... All images will be emailed within one week.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to message me. See you on March 21st!

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